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In 2006 the National Guard and Docupak set up the Recruiting Assistance Program. Training consisted of a 10-minute online questionnaire that primarily focused on how to pay taxes on the earned incentive pay, what to wear when recruiting and a few do’s and don’ts of the program. Rules for G-RAP were represented in a 12-page document noted as G-RAP overview, version 1.5.

Below is a screen shot of the GX Magazine, the magazine disseminated to all of the National Guard soldiers, showing how easy it is to become a Recruiting Assistant.  Note that in this image there is no mention of any training or tests.

Nine years after the program was implemented, the US Army and prosecutors are holding soldiers responsible for violating rules that were not in existence during their participation in G-RAP. In the court discovery materials presented along with an indictment for felony theft, CID has included a never before seen Version 2 of a G-RAP handbook. CID additionally claims that these soldiers had extensive training on how to participate in the program.  However for the recruiting assistants being charged, CID produces no test results by the applicants, no proof of training, no proof of any online training, no proof that the document identified as the handbook version 2.0 even existed during G-RAP’s duration, and no proof that Docupak  (which paid the incentives to soldiers in G-RAP) ensured that proper protocols were followed.

In short soldiers are being prosecuted for a set of rules and guidelines they never received.  They were coerced into signing up for the program with a promise that the training would only take a few minutes and at the end they would even receive a $50 gift card.

Why haven’t any of the commanders who implemented the program been prosecuted for their role in the mismanagement and for inadequately training personnel who acted under their command?  Why hasn’t anyone questioned Docupak for not giving soldiers proper training to ensure they were within the program’s guidelines?  Why hasn’t Docupak been held responsible for the hundred of millions of dollars they took from the U.S. government to “manage” this program. Why hasn’t Docupak been required to repay funds for improper accessions?