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The Army’s Ultimate Weapon: Debarment

As soldiers continue to fight for justice for the often-wrongful prosecution under the Guard Recruiting Assistance Program (G-RAP) they still will ultimately meet their demise when up against the US Army’s debarment board. With the increase of media attention on government   Every year Congress receives reports from each agency (e.g.. Department of Defense, Department of the Army, Defense Intelligence Agency etc.) […]

Punishments Don’t Fit the Crime!

On April 23rd, 2015 General Petraeus (ret.) received sentence of two years probation and a fine of $100,000.  His crime? Releasing highly classified information to his mistress. Now, let’s step back and think about the crime here. Petreaus, knowingly and willingly gave out classified information pertaining to the CIA that jeopardized national security, put American lives and operations at risk, and […]

Citizens and Soldiers Paying: The Real Cost of a Misdirected G-RAP Investigation

The scope of the G-RAP investigation is costing taxpayers. Millions of dollars are being spent looking at the wrong people and lives are being destroyed. The average cost of investigating a single financial crime is $15,000-$20,000. By that measure, investigating even 1% of the 109,000 individuals who participated in G-RAP program, is costing taxpayers $15million-$20million. […]

Soldiers Prosecuted for Following Army Guidelines

Let’s pretend for moment that the “G-RAP V2 Training Modules” existed before soldiers started being investigated for their work as RAs (recruiting assistants) for the Army National Guard. That version of the rules didn’t exist, but for the sake of argument, let’s pretend that it did, since it is the key piece of “evidence” being […]

Task Force Raptor: Motivated by Money

In 2012 the US Army Criminal Investigative Command created Task Force Raptor to investigate the soldiers who participated in Guard Recruiting Assistance Program.  Task Force Raptor consists of roughly 200 CID agents who are pulled from Active Duty, Reserves and the civilian sector.  These agents were ordered to investigate all 109,000 Recruiting Assistance Program participants, […]

What it took to become a Recruiting Assistant

In 2006 the National Guard and Docupak set up the Recruiting Assistance Program. Training consisted of a 10-minute online questionnaire that primarily focused on how to pay taxes on the earned incentive pay, what to wear when recruiting and a few do’s and don’ts of the program. Rules for G-RAP were represented in a 12-page […]

G-RAP Investigations Ruin Soldiers’ Lives

When a soldier is charged for participation in the Guard Recruiting Assistance Program lives are instantly ruined and the traditional “innocent until proven guilty” does not apply. Because soldiers dedicate their lives to serving the nation, a charge, or even worse a conviction inflicts a much higher amount of damage to their career.  The soldiers […]

National Guard Illegally Incentivizes Soldiers to Participate in Recruiting Assistance Program

Soldiers participating in the Guard Recruiting Assistance Program were illegally incentivized by the National Guard for their participation in the Guard Recruiting Assistance Program in a number of different ways to include awards, paid days off and gifts purchased by the National Guard. According to the Department of Defense’s guidelines “The government may award government […]

Army Leadership Omitted From Prosecution

According to the February 2014 congressional testimony, one Major General committed fraud; 18 full Colonels, 11 Lieutenant Colonels and dozens of other mid-level and Junior Officers also potentially committed fraud under the Recruiting Assistance Program. During the hearing Senator McCaskill confronted National Guard and Army leadership regarding the omission of prosecution towards officers and senior […]

Four: Audit Faults DOCUPAK – National Guard Investigates ITS Own Troops

In 2012, an Army audit revealed that the recruiting program, sole-sourced to Docupak, had, in fact been awarded illegally. The Army Audit also found that controls implemented by Docupak to be deficient in 88% of all enlistments they processed. A memo from U.S. Senate staff before the 2/4/14 hearings, stated that the Army had concluded […]