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Let’s pretend for moment that the “G-RAP V2 Training Modules” existed before soldiers started being investigated for their work as RAs (recruiting assistants) for the Army National Guard. That version of the rules didn’t exist, but for the sake of argument, let’s pretend that it did, since it is the key piece of “evidence” being used to prosecute soldiers. The argument being made is that the RAs did not follow the rules outlined in V2 (which is difficult to do when they never received them).

Even if we pretend that soldiers were given V2, the rules they supposedly violated directly contradict what the Army was telling them to do.

For example, a statement from V2 being used in several cases reads: “Can I do Recruiting Assistant work while at drill or Annual Training? No. Your actions in a G-RAP capacity are independent from your role as a member of the Guard.” Meanwhile, the National Guard GX Magazine published articles offering recruiting tips for RAs, including: “Put them [potential enlistees] in the atmosphere of a drill…”

Here’s another: “Government Sponsored Unit Recruiting Events are independent from your role as an RA” (it is being argued that recruiting was not allowed at these events based on this statement). However, in a March 2006 article for Roughrider Recruiting (a magazine for Army recruiters edited and published by the National Guard GX Magazine), recruiters (RRNCOs) are advised to include RAs in upcoming Recruiting Events, saying that, “the more people we can get to your events working their sphere of influence, the better.”

Some RAs are being prosecuted for working alongside RRNCOs and taking direction from them. V2 reads: “Who do I take direction from, the RRNCO or Docupak? As an independent contractor, directives will be given by Docupak. Docupak will help guide you and provide the support you will need to be successful.” Yet, Roughrider Recruiting also encouraged RRNCOs to, “have monthly meetings with your RAs. Bring them in and go over prospecting techniques, closing techniques, benefits, etc.”

Now consider that the Army has a culture of following orders. With no communication nor the alleged “support” coming from Docupak and no guidelines to follow, it’s no wonder that the accused soldiers are feeling confused and betrayed.